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Published in June 2018

The compelling, thought-provoking new novel from bestselling author Emily Hourican.

It was the best summer of Anna's life. The summer she fell in love. The summer she found out who she was, and felt for the first time the great, magnetic pull of life, and knew she could have all of it.

But she was wrong -- and has been keeping a painful secret ever since.

Now, fifteen years later, Anna is struggling to get through to her troubled daughter -- named Jessie in memory of Anna's best friend. While once they were close, now Jessie keeps her mother at a distance, her every word and action a mystery. Though, sometimes, Anna wonders if Jessie can see right through her.

And when her daughter starts to ask questions about the past, and her namesake, Anna realises that the truth is threatening to escape and tip the delicate balance of their lives forever.


Part psychological thriller, part literary family drama, part sun-soaked nostalgic noir and a must-read for this summer
- The Sunday Independent


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